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  1. Wing type compressor ultimately minimizes noise an dust generated from Rotary compressor.
  2. Low vibration and noise.
  3. Available various kinds of compressors with compact size and light weight that are easy to be installed on bulk trailers and various trucks.

We are supplying the compressor suitable for customer’s needs considering tank capacity, transported material, transport distance and height etc.

Transportable Materials

Cement powder, fly ash, PVC powder, oxidized steel, calcium carbonate, sugar, feed, glass material, paint powder, fine sand, lime soda, activated carbon, cokes powder, carbon powder and so forth.


Model Discharge Pressure kg/cm2 Displacement Volume m3/min Suction Flow m3/min Torque Capacity kg.m Power KW Max. Speed RPM Weight kg
KS-2230 2.0 10.8 8 40 30 950 190